Why resilience coaching ?

When we feel stuck or overwhelmed, we can need help moving forward despite the difficulties in our life:

Build your resilience to stress, anxiety and depression by a combination of cognitive behavioural and positive psychology coaching

Work with your problems to focus on finding solutions

Find and use your strengths and resources to face your challenges head on

Get the support and the motivation to change your life for the better

Improve  your work/life balance

Improve your general well-being now and build your future capacity for a fuller life


“Your perspective, insightful reflections and  questions have helped me take a greater responsibility for building my own future. But with greater gratitude, a sense of ‘good enoughness’ and better focus on my personal life. I am doing less sleep-walking through life.” Mark

” It is really positive and energising to be challenged to really think about the reality and how to get there. I am now able to see the wood, not the trees and cannot remember a time I felt so optimistic.”  Louise

“I immediately felt at ease and in a safe, non-judgemental environment thanks to your friendly and sensitive manner. You have helped me put a lot of things into perspective and I have become more conscious of my priorities at work and home and balancing these.” Elisabeth

About coaching with me

What can I offer you:

the experience of 20+ years as a GP communicating with patients, helping them cope with  their health issues and psychological distress

a certified life-coach  (UGcert Uni of Cambridge 2018), grounded in positive psychology and cognitive behavioural coaching practice

a supportive, collaborative and honest coaching relationship

a warm heart, an open-mind and a holistic approach

appointments in Bury St Edmunds

As a member of the AC, I actively continue to learn and develop my skills set

Is coaching right for you?

Coaching really makes a difference. It can be very empowering. But you need to be in the right place first before you take that journey.

It requires you to dig deep, be really honest with yourself and trust me as your coach to help you find your answers

It takes time, energy and motivation to make changes in your life

You need to be psychologically well enough to embark on it. If you aren’t sure, I can assess that on our first meeting.

It is not a passive process of me giving you advice. Although I can inform you on the science behind well-being and resilience, you are the expert in your life. To use the ” life’s journey” metaphor, my role is help you get in the driving seat, chose your favourite destination and take your preferred scenic route!


Please do contact me by email or the contact form if you wish to have more information or discuss whether coaching is right for you.