Is coaching right for you?

Coaching really makes a difference. It can be very empowering. But you need to understand what your part involves:

It requires you to dig deep, be really honest with yourself and trust me as your coach to help you find the answers to what you need/want and how to get there

It takes time, energy and motivation to make changes, whether those changes are in your mindset, your habits or in the bigger life choices

I help lots of people who are struggling. However occasionally a client isn’t ready for coaching and need a different approach or psychotherapeutic intervention. I can assess that on our first meeting.

It is not a passive process of me giving you advice. Although I can inform you on the science behind well-being and resilience, you are the expert in your life. To use the ” life’s journey” metaphor, my role is help you get in the driving seat, help you chose your favourite destination and take your preferred scenic route! But it is essentially you are responsible for the action: the actual driving part!